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  Put Some Sombre in Your Life
When colors come to bloom, Sombre adds the greatest adjective to your hair, and for all the right reasons. Sombre provides a natural fuel of color to your hair. With new techniques of applying hair color on to the hair along with new products, Sombre is the latest trend allowing you to get the right touch up for a gradual blend of color from dark to light. It is the natural additive of highlights to make your hair look spectacularly luminous, but in all the right places of sight. This will ensure your natural dark root will blend in, adding glow to your skin, the result being a beautiful hair color with softer regrowth.

Sombre for the most part utilizes among other methods a hair painting technique called balayage. In many cases a new type of foilage and balayage are use in combination to create sombre hair. This type of hair painting creates a more natural looking effects because the highlights are painted on the hair, and can be placed throughout the hair in a more natural, artistic pattern. Each application is unique. When using foils, you work in a linear fashion. With balayage, you have less color near the scalp, increasing as it goes toward the ends. The result is beautiful color with a little softer regrowth.

Using Sombre means using tones that are a few shades lighter and a few shades darker than the natural color base for the most natural and complementary result for your skin tone, there are small shifts in shades, which is needed to increase a naturally-derived formula completely customizable by Sombre. This is for an individual, and an enabling Stylist to create the tiniest tweaks in tone that have a natural looking blend.

Sombre is prefect for those who love blondes. But, it is also flattering for brunettes because of the soft gold, honey, and caramel shades that are available. So Try some Sombre in your life today!

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