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Coloring Your Hair For The 1st Time
There will come a time you will start to consider coloring your hair, either because Some gray is beginning to show. Or it’s just time for a change.
Coloring your hair for the first time is an exciting experience which can also be mixed with fear and nervousness. Here’s a guide for you to follow, to help you
have a successful outcome.

Everyone wants great hair. Your hair can make or break your look, and when your style or color is not its best it is hard to feel confident. Great hair starts with the right color, but finding the perfect shade is not always easy. A good stylist can help you find the color that will compliment your skin tone and help you achieve the look you are after. There are many hair salons in Durham where you can go for expert color help, but it is still a good idea to know what colors are best suited for your unique needs.

There are plenty of things that can go wrong when you go for hair color. Picking the wrong shade is one of the most common mistakes. A dark hair color can make people with fair complexions look pale and washed out while light hair on people with olive skin is not usually flattering. Stick to colors that are shades lighter or darker than your natural color, or that do not contrast with your skin tone.

If you are unsure if a new hair color is for you semi-permanent hair color will allow you to test a new look without being stuck with it. Semi permanent color washes out in a few weeks and is a good way to determine if a particular shade will look good on you. Just make sure not to color your hair too many times when searching for the perfect shade because this can damage your hair.

If it’s gray hair you are wanting to cover you will need permanent hair color.
The best hair colors are ones that match or compliment your skin tone. Colors
that are a shade ligher than your natural hair color are usually not too light but
will add a lot of dimension to your look. If you are determined to go very light or blonde but blonde does not suit your skin tone, you can still accent your hair color with light highlights and low lights to achieve a lighter look that still compliments your skin tone.

If you want to update your style with hair highlights look for a hair color salon that specializes in color treatments. The best highlights to use are ones that compliment your skin tone as well as your hair’s base color. You can highlight your hair with one shade or add many dimensions of interests with multiple shades and colors. Although highlights create a less noticeable effect than all over hair color, the process is still one that is best left to a professional. Hair salons that specialize in hair color, hair highlights, and corrective hair color will be able to give you great results for a unique look that makes you feel good.

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