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            Three Top Hair Care Secrets

Massage Your Scalp.
One easy and relaxing way for you to make your hair grow faster, thicker, and stronger is to give yourself a five minute scalp massage every day. You can do it dry, use an oil or scalp treatment, or do it while you shampoo. Any time you massage, you stimulate the blood supply of that area, and extra blood flow to your scalp will stimulate the rush of nutrients to each of the hair follicles creating a healthier head of hair.

Take Your Vitamins.
Your hair grows at an average rate of approximately one-half inch per month. Taking vitamins can actually speed up the normal growth rate of hair by 50% just by taking a multivitamin that has a good B-complex, biotin, folic acid, iron, zinc, and pantothenic acid. If you take care of your body and ensure adequate nutrition, you will be producing much healthier hair!

Trim Frequently.
This one is always hard to get customers to accept, until they try it. I have this good client of mine. Her dream is to have a head of long flowing locks, but the longer she tried to grow her hair, the thinner, more broken, and dull it became. Finally she let me give her a two inch trim, virtually eliminating the broken hairs and split ends. By trimming the ends you’ll keep the damage to a minimum and you will ensure that your hair doesn’t look uneven.

What’s My Perfect Hair Style?
This is a very common question for most people to ask me. At one time or another we doubt that we are truly wearing our hair in a style that is most flattering to us. Then we begin to wonder what our “look” really should be. Let me put your mind at ease.

As time passes, our hair and our face changes. By changing your style and length, you can make the very best of those changes. What used to work for you when you were sixteen may not be your very best look at 30.

You may have a desire to have a particular hair style, but unless it reflects the naturally beauty of your hair, it may not actually suit you. Everyone has a natural hair type, and getting a cut that is shaped and styled specifically for you is what will bring out the natural beauty of your hair. Ensuring that you always look fantastic.

The Art Of Scrunching Beach Wavy Hair
This summer’s hottest hair style is the scrunch look. Also known
as beach bunny hair, sexy hair look. It’s all the same thing. I guess it’s
that certain imperfectness that makes it look just prefect.

There are several ways to achieving this. However what I suggest is this.
Start with damp hair, either after washing or just mist it with water. Apply
Some mousse or your favorite curling agent. I like Crystal Curl by Redken.
Now using your dryer on low heat setting or with a diffuser dry your hair
slowly while scrunching it at the same time.

By scrunching I mean to grab some hair and push up towards your scalp
and release….. You can also let your hair dry naturally while you
scrunch and release. However the big trick is to not mess with your hair
other than scrunching while it’s drying.

When hair is 99% dry flip your head over and shakes with finger tips from
the scalp for more volume. If hair is a bit to curly gently run your
fingers through it to elongate the wave.

To finish apply anti-frizz cream on the ends to get rid of any frizz. Spray
with a little hair spray. Pin up a few strands if you like to add uniqueness.
The whole idea is to make it look like you just ran your fingers through it.
Or at lease that someone else did……..

Choosing The Right Hair Cut - Find Your Style!
The Pixie, first made popular in the mid 60’s by the famous and pretty
model Twiggy ( cut by Vidal Sassoon ). Is still the most requested hair
cut in the salon for the Summer 2018. The pixie composed of soft feathery
layers rarely has to be perfectly in place. In fact the more you muss
the various top layers, the better it looks. An auspicious choice for the
women who desire a classic style that’s truly versatile.

The Edgy Bob, or the “I just got out of bed bob”, Is another very popular hairstyle for the Summer of 2018. Cut to above the shoulders with capricious layers
that are neither short nor long, is what make this style sexy and chic. And can be styled in different ways, depending on the effect you want to achieve sassy, dramatic, and romantic.

Despite the rising popularity of short hairstyles, Long Hair has always been a timeless classic among women. And this fall season it’s all about classic looks with a modern feel. The center part has returned. This look is simple to obtain, usually only requiring a flat iron. However, tousled undone looks with lots of waves and curls are going to be quite trendy as well.

Balancing Your Summer Hair Color
Layers and highlights will add dimension, texture and a prefect sun-kissed look to
your overall appearance. No matter if it’s sleek and straight or you have loose curls
for that sensual style this late summer. The key to South Texas beauty is simplicity.
Hair looks just illustrious when it’s low maintenance and totally uncomplicated.
Wanna Bang
Bangs are a great way to make simple change to any hairstyle. They are the perfect suggestion for those who want to make a change to their style that is not too drastic. And can be worn with all hair lengths

Bangs can be worn in variations. You can wear with all hair in place or messed up for a more casual look. The hot bang looks for spring include side swept bangs, blunt, choppy and soft and wispy. Cut correctly they add a nice symmetry to the face.

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